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Founder of ASC

Anu Sandhu

Our team continuously strives to break the mold set by traditional content creators by executing out-of-the box concepts and utilizing unparalleled editing techniques.

At an early age, Anu picked up a camera and realized the extraordinary power of telling stories through film. He is an engineer by trade and a massively competitive individual in all aspects of his life. These traits attribute to his attention to detail and organic approach to film making. He is always looking for innovative ways to take the products ASC creates for its clients to the next level. Anu’s team is passionate about beautifully capturing memories and also making the experience of watching ASC’s creations a beautiful memory. The aspirations for ASC are high, and Anu’s vision is to create a lasting brand in Wedding and Creative film production. The most integral piece attributing to the success of ASC is our relationship with our clients and truly putting the time and effort into understanding their needs and dreams.  Our commitment to exceptional customer service creates a lasting impression on our clients which creates a lasting brand.

Our Mission

We consider our creative products works of art which must be perfected to represent our brand. To us, every project represents an opportunity to perfect our craft through the use of innovative filming techniques and producing memorable concepts which resonate with our audience. What sets us apart from our competition is our specialty in effective storytelling through the connection of audio and visual elements. We treat our clients as collaborators who are instrumental to our creative process in facilitating their creative vision. We are a versatile group who has a passion for creating exceptional cinematic pieces for weddings, corporate events, concerts and marketing content.

Our Team

Team Members

Experienced in variety of wedding rituals and cultures

Licensed Drone Operators

Our drone pilots carry valid certification in accordance Transport Canada and have ample experience flying in diverse conditions

Animation/VFX Experts

Our animators/VFX artists are integral in ASC redefining the wedding film industry

30 +
Years of combined experience

Our cinematographers are a collection experienced individuals that can adapt and film in any situation

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